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1988-019-001 sketch

Description: Sundial in the form of a rectangular block with an ansate panel bearing the inscription "BK/ VB" and date 1618.  This is surmounted by a respond capital carrying a bronze dial-plate.  The chisel marks on the three parts are different and the Corinthian capital has a flat side as though designed to be placed against a wall.  They are clearly of different dates.  The capital imitates the bulky volutes of the 14/15th century, but its square cap suggests that it was made for the sundial in the 19th century.


History: Porteous provides us with the information that EK were the initials of Elizabeth Ker, daughter of Sir James Ker of Cesford and the sister of the first Earl of Roxburgh, who married Sir James Ballenden of Broughton (the owner of Abbotsgrange).  WB are the initials of William Ballenden.

The sundial appears to have been erected in the 'Orchard' in c1920-30s and was removed the Museum store in the 1980s due to vandalism.  It then stood for a few years in a cage at the north end of Lumley Street, before being returned to the store.

Geoff Bailey, 2016


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