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Grangemouth Bandstand










Description: The cast iron bandstand stood in the centre of the Orchard in Zetland Park, with the perimeter trees providing shelter for the audience when needed.  The octagonal plinth was built on brick retaining walls c1.4m high, with steps projecting from these on the WSW side.  Access to the underfloor area was provided by a wooden door.  An iron railing ran around the wallhead.  Within this eight plain iron columns supported the roof.  The gently pitched canopy was covered with segmented sheets of metal upon which sat an inverse funnel-shaped wrought iron cupola.  This extended up to an ogival lead dome topped by a fretted vase finial.  A fretwork railing at the base of the cupola and brackets at the top of the columns provided further ornamentation.  The ceiling was of panelled wood.

History: It was officially opened on 11 July 1925 - the 7th Queen's Own Hussars playing military music.  Bands featured largely in its use.  According to one historian the bandstand was sold in 1973 and removed for export abroad, however, a minute of the Town Council records tenders for its demolition in December 1970.

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