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Zetland Park (Part 3)

The 1920s saw great additions to the facilities:

·         1923   War Memorial unveiled

·         1924   Swimming Pool completed

·         1925   Bandstand opened

·         1926   Bowling green and pavilion ready for use

·         1931   Paddling Pool

Illus: The paddling pool looking NE towards Abbotsgrange Road.Illus: The paddling pool looking NE towards Abbotsgrange Road.


The imposition of the war memorial and its associated structures were part of a reconfiguring of the main entrance.  At the very northern tip was a triangular parking area that could be used for ceremonies on Armistice Day.  The war memorial was on the central axis of this triangle and its flanking wall where set at right angles across it.  The earlier fountain was moved into the park and placed on this axis at the hub of paths that emanated from it like the spokes of a wheel with flower beds between.  Continuing this central line was the new bowling green.  Overlooking this again was a pavilion and an area of benches.  The pavilion was flanked by tennis courts – all underlined by a road.  This formal layout was then broken by the retention of the trees and earthworks of the Orchard.  An ornate bandstand was placed in its centre.  A long paddling pool with tapering sides and curved ends now bordered the south-east side of the Orchard.  In the summer it was used for sailing model boats and makeshift rafts, and in the winter as a skating pond.  A football pitch lay to its east.  Read on.