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Dollar Park : Appendix III :

Falkirk War Memorial (SMR 590)

At first a site in Newmarket Street owned by the Burgh Council was favoured for the erection of a war memorial, but in the event this was thought to be too intrusive.   In the end a location next to the road from Camelon to Falkirk in Dollar Park was chosen, a site also in the ownership of the Council.

The keynote of this monument is simplicity almost to the point of severity.  There are no mouldings on the stonework, instead all the offsets are cut starkly at right angles.   A cenotaph structure stands centrally on an elevated rectangular terrace enclosed on three sides by a wrought iron balcony railing on a low parapet wall with stone pillars at regular intervals.   The fourth side presents seven broad steps to the main road, which was subsequently widened to front them.  The seven stone pillars in the enclosing fence are 6ft 6ins high and 2ft square at the base and cap which are stepped out from the main body.   The platform is paved with concrete slabs radiating from the cenotaph.   This has a shallow platform of its own, with the main monument stepped in by two feet on all sides to provide a ledge for the placement of wreaths.   The cenotaph is 7ft 6ins long by 6ft broad and stands to a height of 12ft 6ins.   On the front and back are bronze festoons of laurel wreaths and a plaque bearing the burgh coat of arms and motto "Touch ane, Touch a’".  Below this, on the side facing the road,   is a bronze plaque with a thistle motif border bearing the inscription "Over Eleven Hundred Bairns Died for their King and Country and in the Cause of Freedom, 1914-1919.   They died that we might live."  On the north side a similar panel reads "In Proud and Grateful Remembrance of those who Fell and those who Carried On in the Great War.   Let us Forget them Not."  On the east and west sides are swords, 5ft 10ins long, with laurel wreaths entwined in their handles.

The War Memorial looking North-East.

 The monument was designed by Leonard C Blakey of Copland & Blakey, architects, Falkirk.  The masonry work was executed by Ramsay Brothers.  The burgh had considerable trouble raising the necessary funds by subscription.   An estimate put the price of the work at £1,100 if executed in freestone, and £1550 if done in granite.   The committee in charge of the arrangements had no hesitation in prompting for freestone.  It was unveiled by the Duke of Montrose on Sunday 13th June 1926, and dedicated by Rev Alexander Loudon.  

In 1953 alterations were approved to add two bronze plaques that bore the following inscriptions:

  "On the sea, in earth's distant places, or at home, and in the air,

   nearly 220 men and women of Falkirk died for their country in the

   cause of righteousness -1939-45"

  "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life

   for his friends.   At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,

   we will remember them."

The alterations of cost £1,400, and were paid for by the Burgh Council.  It was  re-dedicated on Sunday 19th July 1953 by Rev T M Linkie after being unveiled by ex-provost Wallace.

There are no names on this monument.

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